Beach Clean Ups


 Participate in a Beach Clean up in Tacoma or on Washington’s outer coast to help get some of that plastic and trash off of our beaches. We host monthly beach cleanups, sign up for our newsletter to stay updated on upcoming cleanups or Contact Us for more info to help out!

February Cleanup

Being that our featured speaker will be presenting on Yowkwala Beach we thought it natural to have our monthly beach cleanup there this Saturday. Show your local beach some love this Valentines Day and come lend a hand. The cleanup is from 1-3 with the directions below. Carpooling isn’t out of the question so ask around at the next chapter meeting!

From Marine View Drive, NE Tacoma. Exit to the parking area for the Tyee Marina – 5618 Marine View Drive. (The driveway is off on the shore side, at the base of a hill, where the road rises steeply.) Park in one of the spots near the gate and walk around to the marina office, located in a small building just inside the gate. In the office, tell the clerk that you are here for the Surfrider beach cleanup and she will give you a pass into the lot. Go to the far western end of the parking area for beach access.

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