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April Meeting!

Virtual Talk With Ben Warner on Ocean Gardens

We are pleased to announce that Ben Warner from the IDEA High School, will be our guest speaker.iDEA School is a school of choice in Tacoma that focuses on industrial design, engineering, and art, with a mission to partner with community resources to change public education, emphasizing creativity and utilizing a fully inclusive model that educates the whole student through our values: Community. Empathy. Thinking. Balance. 

Ben is a Humanities teacher at iDEA School. Prior to teaching, he was the Founder and Executive Director of the Alchemy Indoor Skate Park and Education Center. His class project goals for Fall 2020 are to develop an ocean garden and learn what it takes to process kelp into food, fertilizer, bio fuel, and feed. They will also be attempting to measure the environmental impact the garden has on the Puget Sound, with the hope of the garden acting as ocean filters. 

Warner and his students will experiment and find solutions to improve environmental quality, economic mobility, and marine sustainability in the Puget Sound by promoting aquaculture through designing and growing one ocean garden at a time. This will provide seasonal jobs and experiences for high school and college students. A gateway into new, sustainable employment for those looking to innovate, providing fresh, culinary options for local restaurants, and finding innovative uses for economically sustainable marine resources.

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