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November Meeting!

Marquis Mason of Citizens for a Healthy Bay

We are pleased to announce that Marquis King Mason, the Climate Justice Community Organizer for Citizens for a Healthy Bay will be our guest speaker. 

Marquis will give an update on CHB's work with Tacoma residents, local advocacy groups, and the Puyallup Tribe on the Tideflats Interim Regulations to strengthen the ban to include expansions of existing fossil fuel refineries and terminals, and the October 20th unanimous vote by the Tacoma City Council to renew them with a new amendment directing the Planning Commission to evaluate what it would mean to make the Regulations permanent until the Tideflats Subarea Plan process is complete – which is still years away. Further, the amendment orders the Planning Commission to evaluate the impacts of regulating existing high-risk facilities in the Tideflats - including fossil fuel facilities that have gotten a free pass to expand their operations since the Regulations were first adopted three years ago. The Planning Commission is now in a six-month process to gather information and public input to draft new, non-interim regulations. They will present their findings and recommendations to City Council for a vote during the Spring 2021 renewal phase. Marquis will share related talking points for public comment and walk us through a toolkit on the subject. 

Marquis first got involved with activism and outreach during his time at Western Washington University, where he led the WWU chapter of Amnesty International as a Student Officer for nearly 2 years. Marquis credits his time at school, along with the challenging and inspiring environmental coursework, for his love of environmentalism. Most recently, Marquis served as a Community Engagement Organizer with the Oregon League of Conservation Voters, where he witnessed firsthand the immense value of grassroots organizing to pass climate policy. As CHB’s Climate Justice Community Organizer, he is tackling environmental justice and equity work. 

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