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September Meeting!

Watershed Experiment with Harbor WildWatch

What is a watershed and what can we do to help improve water quality in our watershed? Join Science Specialist, Stena Troyer for an interactive lesson about watersheds. Gather up the supplies below and tune in to the monthly South Sound Surfrider Chapter Meeting. Interaction is highly encouraged!

Suggested supplies: 
A sheet of blank paper
Permanent markers or colored pencils
Washable/water-based markers 
Spray bottle with water (the sink is a good backup)

In this lesson, you are invited to design your own watershed and test how pollution moves from land to larger bodies of water. We will be drawing a watershed using permanent markers/colored pencils and then will draw some everyday pollution in washable markers. The container is here to minimize messes as we spray our watershed with water to observe how pollution moves. After our experiment, we will think about what we can do to reduce pollution and further actions we can take to protect the environment and the people in it!

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