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Ocean Friendly Restaurants

The Ocean Friendly Restaurant (OFR) campaign is made possible by restaurants who are taking the extra steps to do what’s right for the world’s oceans.  They’ve each worked hard to eliminate plastics in their supply chains, conserve energy, and reduce waste.

The Surfrider Foundation’s Ocean Friendly Restaurants program is on a mission to reduce single-use plastics. This program offers restaurants an easy way to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and ocean protection by adhering to a set of criteria including using absolutely no expanded polystyrene foam, not providing plastic bags for to go orders and using reusables for all onsite dining.

Even in a COVID world, Gilman House is all the rage! Gilman House is Tacoma’s newest Platinum Level Ocean Friendly Restaurant located in the historic Stadium District. Joining Surfrider’s OFR program was an automatic choice for business owners Robyn & Jason Alexander who also own Devil’s Reef, Tacoma’s first Ocean Friendly Restaurant and nautical themed companion bar to Gilman House. The Gilman House name comes from the H.P. Lovecraft story “The Shadow Over Innsmouth” which is the same story Devil’s Reef is based on.

The menu at Gilman House is vegetarian and vegan friendly forward, hoisting plant-based food beyond the standard, emphasizing healthy cuisine and house baked items using high quality, sustainable, farm-fresh and local ingredients. The Biscuits and Gravy, Summer Niçoise, and Olmstead’s Cinnamon Rolls are not be missed.

Gilman House is a haven for craft gin lovers. The bar is heavy on rare and upscale gins not commonly seen around here.

Robyn and Jason are proof positive that the love of our oceans, power of community, and progressive business practices are key to a future with less plastic in our oceans. They recognize the impact they can make on ocean health by choosing to operate their restaurants sustainably.

Stop by for a visit soon. They are open for dinner Fridays and Saturdays from 5-10pm and Sunday Brunch from 11-3pm. While you are there check out the Eldritch Arbiter, a dark aromatic gin-based concoction poured over a glacial shard that grabs you from the depths.

Welcome Gilman House!


Check out the Ocean Friendly Restaurant Locator Map!
The map of Ocean Friendly Restaurants is a great way for the public to locate Ocean Friendly Restaurants in our region and across the country. Encourage your family and friends to use the map by clicking the link below to view an interactive map of Ocean Friendly Restaurants near you: 

If you’d like to learn more about the Ocean Friendly Restaurant program or to get your South Sound restaurant certified, contact Ranell at Protect where you play. Protect what you love. Be the change.

Benefits of Being an Ocean Friendly Restaurant

  • Promotion to South Sound area consumers through:
    • social media
    • our website
    • email blasts
    • community events and beach cleanups
  • Optional collateral including: OFR window sticker, table-toppers, diner brochures, bill stuffers and poster
  • Collaborative promotions such as launch parties or coupon days promoted to our members
  • Train wait staff about campaign
  • Vendor pamphlet with alternative material sources and pricing, including negotiated discounts