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A volunteer holds up a handful of trash removed from the beach, including a chips bag, single-use water bottle, aquaculture rope, and a kid's headband

Beach Cleanups

Help Keep our Beaches Healthy and Thriving

Surfrider's Beach Cleanup program is committed to preserving the beauty and ecological balance of our pristine beaches. With the support of enthusiastic volunteers, we work tirelessly to ensure that our shores remain healthy, vibrant, and free from pollution. Through the organization of regular cleanup events, we actively involve the community in this important cause. Together, we make a positive impact on our environment, instilling a sense of responsibility and stewardship for the natural world. Join our dedicated team of volunteers and become a part of this impactful movement to protect and preserve our precious coastal ecosystems.


What purpose do beach cleanups serve?

Encouraging People to Take Action
South Sound Surfrider invites individuals from diverse backgrounds to come together and participate in monthly beach cleanups, armed with a range of tools aimed at taking action and spreading awareness through education.

Generating Public Awareness
Engaging in South Sound's beach cleanups empowers individuals to shine a spotlight on waste-related pollution and proactively clean up litter along our coastlines.

Targeting the Heart of the Problem
By reporting South Sound beach cleanup data, our volunteers play a vital role in pollution research, shaping future legislation, and safeguarding our coasts and oceans for generations to come.


As of June 30th, our South Sound super team of 600 volunteers has rocked seven beach cleanups, kicking trash to the curb and clearing out a whopping 2,200 pounds of waste. Get pumped to join us on July 5th for The Dirtiest Beach Day of the Year Cleanup at Purdy Sand Spit Beach in Gig Harbor. Let's make waves together!